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Your entrepreneur account gives you the ability to detail and list your business proposition for investors to see and conduct negotiations with our messaging system.


An investors account gives you access to view entrepreneurs business ideas that you are interested in and grants you access to message and negotiate with any business you choose. Your search can be customised to show any preferences you may have on the basis of location, business category/type and
your investment range.

Business For Sale

With a business for sale account you have the ability to post your business on the platform to franchise/sell your business.

About Business Investing

Business Investing is a platform that is designed to connect entrepreneurs with investors to create business partnerships that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Entrepreneurs have the ability to list their business idea to seek out investors.

Established businesses have the ability to list their business to franchise/sell and investors have the ability to view and engage in conversation with businesses which they wish to invest in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the credit card details when I register?

We ask for users to supply their credit card details upon registration so that the process of buying a membership is made simpler. Furthermore, the credit card details being connected to the account helps save it for future reference.

Can I cancel/upgrade my subscription at any time?

Users have the ability to cancel or upgrade their subscription at any time from the, “my transactions” tab. To cancel the subscription the user simply has to select the “cancel subscription” button at which point of time they will have access to the site features until their active subscription runs out and will need to re-subscribe if they wish to maintain access to the site features again which can be done from the same tab. Account subscriptions can be upgraded at any time from the “my transactions” tab also with an option to pay the difference in value using pro rata for the subscription upgrade which upon doing so grants the additional subscription features automatically.

Am I guaranteed to get an investor to fund my business/ business idea?

We can not guarantee that every users business will be able to find an investor however we provide every tool necessary to give you the best chance of success. Providing a detailed business description with relevant statistics in regard to your business can ensure the best chance of attracting the attention of an investor viewing and engaging in your post.

Why are there multiple membership levels?

The reason for the different membership levels is to provide different perks per account level to accommodate best for users of every budget as per their needs with Business Investing.

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For savvy investors and entrepreneurs.


Sell your business to the right person.


We get you the optimum results.


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For financial assistance I can’t recommend Broker enough, I’ve been delighted by the outcome.

Jack Maguire — Manhattan, New York

Broker has been marvelous for my business, their professionalism has been exemplary.

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Connecting entrepreneurs with investors to create business partnerships

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